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Get your Melbourne property safe with Clearshield


Traditional security doors are often heavy and require special installation for its effectiveness, not to mention the often-higher cost. But everything changed since Clearshield is introduced.

Proudly offering Clearshield in Melbourne, Clearshield Victoria brought the innovative security solution by George and Jamie Koutsoukos from Western Australia to Melbourne. As part of the group, Melbourne is blessed with the Stainless-Steel Perforated Sheet that maintained the elegance of your house while upscaling the security of it at the same time.

The Australia-grown Clearshield is known for its strength and durability with patents that aided its sale across Australia and foreign markets. Exceeding all Australian safety standards (AS 5039 / 5041), the innovative technology has won various awards including the Good Design Award for cyclone debris screen product and security screen door and screen, and the Australian Business Award for Product Innovation.

Since 1999, Clearshield has been protecting home and businesses in Melbourne from burglars and break-ins. Made from imported quality stainless steel sheets, Clearshield can withstand knife slices and pounding while acting as an insect barrier. Because of the single panel feature of Clearshield, the structural integrity and the ability to defend against hacks differentiates the Aussie product from other woven solutions.

The premium material from Denmark is highly resistant to corrosion and staining while the perforation allows natural airflow even when the door is closed. Unlike traditional security doors that need to be closed for its effectiveness, Clearshield allows you to continue enjoying the refreshing air of Australia.

What’s also great about Clearshield is its additional ability to reduce solar heat and UV by 86% and 71% respectively to reduce energy consumption in hot weathers. And it is not just about security when talking about safety. Clearshield also boasts fire & heat attenuation up to BAL-40. The solution offers all the benefits while still maintaining the gorgeous appearance of your house with its see-through feature. Clearshield is also easy to clean without small gaps on woven solutions to catch and hold dust.

Despite the mentioned credibility of Clearshield, security doors are frequently criticized for weakness at the lock and the hinge. Thus, Clearshield Victoria is reassuring all Melbourne customers with triple-locked and lock-protected doors. All Clearshield products on offer in Melbourne are customisable to accommodate your property on any restrictions or requests.

Other than hinged doors, Clearshield in Melbourne is available on sliding doors featuring smooth sliding and advanced locking system for your safety and your trust. Larger openings can also be fitted with Clearshield security enclosures to keep you safe while enjoying the pictorial scenery of Melbourne.

All products from Clearshield Victoria are carefully tested before delivery with a 100% guarantee and warranty. Our dedication of such cannot be shown more with our own Victorian manufacture factory for serious quality control.

Being as the manufacturer also meant Clearshield in Melbourne is more affordable without a middleman involved. We are also able to offer excellent customer service with great reviews including just replacing a handle because of our close proximity.

Secure your property today with Clearshield Melbourne. 

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