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Importance of Giving and Passing Practical Driving Test

A driving exam or test is basically conducted in order to test a person’s ability to drive a vehicle. It is a basic requirement for obtaining a driving license. Driving can have either one or two parts. The first test is known as a road test which judges a person’s driving ability under normal conditions.

The second test is known as the theory test which tests a person’s knowledge of driving a vehicle under required laws and rules. You can take driving test theory online to practice before giving the real exam. BookTheoryTestOnline provides mock tests and study material which can help you in passing the theory test without any hassle. 

  • Practical Driving Test

It is important to pass the theory test before giving a practical exam. If you pass this test you become eligible to hold a UK driving license. The practical test is generally taken on the road in the presence of an expert DSA examiner who guides the candidate through a pre-decided route. The examiner keeps on marking the candidate for the novice, serious as well as dangerous faults. 

A candidate can fail the test if he/she make more than fifteen driving mistakes or many serious or dangerous faults. The examiner will consider mistakes as habitual and mark serious fault column if the candidate commits several faults in that category. The test can last up to 38 or 40 minutes or gets extended to 70 minutes if the candidate wants to take an extended test.

  • Vehicle safety questions 

Before taking the candidate on the road, the examiner will ask 2 questions about safety and car maintenance. The component of this test is generally known as “Show me, tell me”. Some of the examples of the same are:

  • Show me how to check that power-assisted steering is working properly.
  • Open the bonnet and identify how you will be checking the engine oil level.

If you fail to answer any of these questions, then the driving fault can be marked against the candidate. The questions asked can be changed from time to time. 

Manoeuvres – While the test is going on, the examiner can ask the candidate to carry out either one of the manoeuvres from the below-mentioned points:

  • Reverse around the corner
  • Turn in the road which is three-point turn
  • Reverse park in the space which is parallel, right angle or oblique. 

Manoeuvres can be selected randomly by the examiner based on conditions of the route and the route chosen. If the examiner interferes at any point during the exam this can result in failure and the test report will be marked as a dangerous fault. 

If you want to go for a practical test you should have a valid UK license and theory test pass certificate number.


A driving test assures you of getting a license for driving the vehicle. It is important to have knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of the test. So, what are you waiting for? Go for the driving test today.

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