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Ways to Buy Gold Bars with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is often referred to as “digital gold,” so it makes sense that many of its crypto fans also like gold in its physical form. Over the past couple of years, several companies have sprung up providing opportunities to buy gold with bitcoin.

Why buy gold at all? Some choose it as a tool for savings, others as a trading asset, and there are those who hedge the risks of high volatility in crypto currencies with them, while being outside the fiat money system.

A new type of company that trades gold for bit coin empowers investors looking to hedge their savings against inflation risks. Most of these companies will not require documents from you in order to conclude a deal with you, thus, your hard-earned money will remain out of sight of various supervisory government agencies.

Whatever your goals, the following five companies can help you buy gold with bitcoin.


The San Francisco-based company was rebranded from Digital Tangible this year. She has been called a pioneer in the provision of services for trading gold for bit coins, since she appeared last year, she was the first to launch her platform.

Serica uses colored coins from Counterparty to issue proof-of-custody gold certificates for the underlying asset. Physically, gold is in safes in Delaware (USA) and Singapore. Serica does not require any documents issued by government agencies in order to be able to use its services.

Bit Gold

This Canadian -based bit coin-for-gold exchange service is apparently not aware that Bit reserve owns the word “bit gold”. At the same time, the company provides its clients with a set of unique services.

Among them is the Bit Gold MasterCard, which acts as a credit / debit card linked to the client’s gold in the company’s accounts. The company also owns its own network of Bit Gold ATMs, which allow customers to instantly purchase gold into their account at a price that differs from the prices on the spot market by no more than 1%.

Gold is stored in Brinks (Toronto), New York, London, Zurich, Hong Kong and Singapore. To use the services of the company, documents are required.

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