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What Are Robo-advisors?

If you are functioning in the investment realm, you must be aware of the rage surrounding Robo Advisors. Join us to know more about them.

Robo- advisors are online or digital platforms that fundamentally offer financial advice and automatic mechanical investment services with almost no human intervention. Simply put, they use mathematical algorithms to give financial advice with negligible manual support. They employ algorithms to administer and assign the assets of the clients is certainly the most effective way. It is widely referred to as a tool meant for managing wealth.

In a world that is witnessing the reign of software and tools driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, adopting Robo Advisors is a must. They are presently one of the biggest boons in the Fintech industry.

Let’s now talk about the benefits of Robo- Advisors.

Key Benefits or Robo- Advisors –

  • Robo- advisors are cost-effective.

Robo- advisors provide investment services at lower prices than financial advisors ( their human counterparts). They also offer clients ways, techniques, and strategies to generate more revenue or wealth. They help individuals, firms, and conglomerates to accomplish their financial goals.

  • Robo- advisors help in portfolio management.

They develop ideal portfolios based on the preferences of the investors. What Robo Advisors do is that they observe and balance out the portfolio as and when economic conditions change by regulating the assets.

  • Robo- advisors are easily accessible online or via apps.

In this regard, one can easily check the performance of their portfolios and make changes as and when required.

  • They are highly convenient to use and secure in most cases

Robo- advisors are quite simple to use and are secure too. They allow investors to invest in different assets either through their mobile phones or via web applications.

Needless to say, Robo- advisor is an incredible tool for goal setting as well as tracking. Ultimately, it helps in generating profit.

 Eminent Robo Advisors in Singapore –

Now that we know what Robo Advisors are and what their benefits are let’s get a glimpse of the prominent Robo Advisors in Singapore.

  1. Auto wealth
  2. DBS Digiportfolio
  4. SquirrelSave
  5. Syfe
  6. Endowus
  7. StashAway
  8. OCBC RoboInvest

Bottom Line

To put it in a nutshell, Robo Advisors are phenomenal digital platforms that offer financial advice and help in investment management to put it in a nutshell. The benefits of Robo advisors are a great many. Discover how you can attain a more fruitful investment experience with them today!

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