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Three Steps to getting new Prescription Glasses

No one looks for expensive glasses anymore. People who truly have a need, and are smart, go for prescriptions. They get their visual correction aids for almost free. All they need to do is get the prescription for them, and the money will be taken off from the insurance company. See how this work in reality through the link right here.

To do this, every patient needs to go through a few filters and make the purchase. It may be too complicated for some, but it isn’t that much trouble. In this article, we’re going to show you the three main stages that everyone must go through to get the prescription. Follow up and see for yourself.

 Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist

The first step toward fixing the problem is to find the best ophthalmologist in town and make an appointment. The best ones are always super busy, so you’ll probably need to wait for a little for your turn. It’s crucial to make this step as you shouldn’t buy glasses just like that.

An ophthalmologist is a person who has enough equipment, skills, and experience to find out how much your sight is damaged. After the testing, they will know everything about how you feel and how bad you see. Based on their examination, you’ll know what to do next.

Do the eye examination and get a prescription

To get a prescription, you must do the testing. The test is really easy and is usually consisted of two stages. The first one is when you try to read the big letters and the fine print while covering one eye. This is going to give the doctor a clear idea of how well you see afar.

The next one is placing your head on the special machine filled with many lenses that will test your vision more thoroughly. Based on the findings there, the ophthalmologist will know what kind of lens you require. When they are done testing, they’ll prescribe the exact lens size.

Use it to get a new pair from specialized providers

When you have the prescription in your hand, it’s time to find your new pair of glasses. Some more manufacturers and stores offer their products this way. Some of them are making extraordinary frames that will make you look amazing.

Just look at the Oliver Peoples Glasses and find whatever you think is best for you. These guys give glasses on prescription and you can be happy knowing that you’re getting some cool frames. Today glasses are no longer a boring accessory. Choose cool ones and improve your overall looks.


These are the three main stages that you need to go through and get new glasses. As you can see, this is nothing complex. You appoint a meeting through the phone, show up for simple tests that last a few minutes, and order a new pair through the internet. It’s as simple as it can be.

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