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How To Brake And Accelerate A Car Smoothly And Safely?

How to brake smoothly?

Braking is a simple maneuver but hard to perform properly. This is the main reason that advanced vehicles are equipped with different safety features that help drivers while braking. 

Technology has also encouraged bad driving habits, which badly affect the durability of suspension, brake, and tires along with performance. It increases the risks of multiple hazardous road scenarios, where the proper tire and brake functions are a must to avoid a collision.

Basic rules of braking

The driving instructors from Ltrent educate the students to avoid putting on brakes suddenly when there is no emergency. The simple rules are –

  • Never thrust the brake but smoothly apply pressure on it.
  • When the car stops ease your foot slowly off the brake pedal.

Slowly putting brakes prevents the sudden weight transfer in the rear and front. Over time, this weight transfer can damage the suspension and its performance gets impaired during an emergency. Smoothly putting on brakes will bring the car to a stop without tipping passengers forward or later rocking backward.

  • Braking at corners is unadvisable because your tires can lose traction due to the force. It is wise to slow the speed before your turn into the curve.
  • Handbrakes are suggested t use only when the vehicle is expected to remain stationary for a long time.
  • During brake failure the brake pedal gets unresponsive and you may need to use a handbrake to stop the car. But first, shift into low gear and pump the brake pedal fast for some time to build sufficient brake fluid pressure. If this action fails you will need to use the handbrake, which can cause the car to skid, so make sure to do this when there is no car in close by. 
  • Advanced vehicles are equipped with ABS or anti-lock braking system but ensure to learn how to employ this system.

How to accelerate safely? 

Remember, braking on the corner places stress, on the car suspension and tire. It is the same with acceleration. The high engine revs, when car move’s from stationary position and clutch is released places a strong force on the tires. As soon as the car gets in motion the pressure buildup on the tire gets reduced as the driver maintains acceleration. Remember, a strong acceleration point can make the tire lose its road contact and there can be a wheel spin experienced. The moment, wheels spin driver loses steering control. 

Basic rules of accelerating 

A skillful driver does not accelerate slowly but avoids forces applied on the tires to spike up. For smooth and safe acceleration –

  • Never thrust the accelerator pedal but apply pressure gently.
  • As you push the accelerator down maintain consistent pressure.
  • Slowly, release the accelerator.

Sudden accelerations are dangerous and intensify at the curves because added force makes the tires lose road traction. While cornering, apply a brake and get the needed speed before you enter the corner. The accelerator will help to maintain speed as you corner. As you move out of the corner accelerate smoothly and gently.

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