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Talent Pool of Motor Trade Technicians Shrinks

There is growing concern in the motor industry about the lack of qualified and skilled workers. Increased pay is one of the options being considered along with recruitment campaigns.


Over the past 18 months, those working in the industry have seen a rise in their wages due to the demand for workers exceeding the available staff.

With unemployment currently at its lowest since the 1970s, the motor trade is looking for new and innovative ways to attract workers to the industry.

It is thought that a lack of available apprenticeships and training programs is partly to blame for the shortage, as well as mechanics not having a cool enough image for young people fresh out of education who are attracted to jobs involving modern technology.


Alarm bells started ringing several years ago, but workers from overseas were plugging the gaps. Many are simply increasing pay and hoping that will be enough, while others are looking at ways to make the motor trade a more desirable industry to go into.

Other issues affecting staffing have been the rise in sales of electric cars and the belief that the need for engine-related skills may start to decline. However, there is an electric car backlash due to the lack of charging points in London, which is causing some car owners to re-consider. This is a huge blow to environmentalists.


Car insurance is as competitive as ever, and the issue of what does motor trade insurance cost has seen a rise in customers shopping around for motor trade insurance.

Car dealerships tend to work to weekly and monthly targets, and the industry as a whole has been impacted by slow sales. Many organisations are having to reduce their staffing numbers and freeze pay in the hope that they can ride out the storm. This is easier for franchises than the independent garages, many of whom only employ a handful of staff.

There are seasonal highs and lows in the industry, with peaks occurring when customers want to purchase the new registrations and shop around for the best motor trade insurance deals.

Large organisations are offering a whole host of extras to keep their best staff, including increased salaries and bonuses, company car schemes, training and career paths and even childcare.

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