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More Than Aesthetics: Why Aligned Teeth Matter

What happens when you have enough teeth to bite down on a piece of metal, but none to maintain bite to the bottom? And what happens if you strip off your arch, too? Those long, stiff animal teeth give us a clue. Almost all mammals including humans have “rough” teeth that have large canines on the front (hence the name) and smaller enamel incisors at the back (hence the n).

Human teeth are, in most respects, the same as other mammals. For example, our incisors are highly modified, and usually the only teeth we can chew. Although many individuals are able to chew on some hard items, we lack the lateral use of our teeth that is essential to maintaining a healthy diet.

You may want to know that your teeth are aligned. It’s one of the most important guidelines you need to follow for prevention. Studies show that at least half of all oral disease and deformity in children are due to faulty alignment. Instead of dealing with painful braces, children can have pain-free smiles at the age of 2-3 years and look younger than they would have if their teeth were aligned properly. And it only takes a few minutes of practice every day.

Alignment is also important for women when they want to have children. Oral Health 101: Why Not? has many great tips on aligning and maintaining teeth and gums.

A simple part of the tooth enamel that cannot be replaced is the root canals. Those that can be replaced are located on the front of the teeth, in the back of the lower teeth, in the back of the upper teeth and inside the front teeth.

Most people are able to stop using toothpaste when they see the results and have a mouth without the risk of cavities and gum disease.

The researchers say the results are significant for people who are currently using toothpaste and could help with future prevention of gum disease.

The composition of your mouth is determined by genetics. There are no known cases where a person has not been born with an adequate amount of teeth. However, a side effect of ‘straightening’ your teeth (no snacking) might be some hidden damage that may affect your health in other ways.

Your teeth are important to your overall oral health. It is not good to rely on your front teeth (pterygoids) to make any energy from food. Without proper teeth, you will not have the ability to eat properly, your smile will appear unhealthy, your teeth will wear down quicker and you will eat more than you need to.

Having straight teeth reduces your chances of developing cavities, which may have a profound effect on your IQ. Straight teeth are also seen to have a significant effect on how readily some substances can be digested. Therefore, the appearance of a functioning jaw in a teen is extremely important. If your teen has brittle teeth or a decayed, yellow-tinted wisdom tooth Gilbert AZ Orthodontist, they may not be able to maintain proper weight.

Toothpick as being a useful aid to locating missing teeth. The mere fact that toothpicks have been developed does not make them more effective in locating missing teeth. If a person sees something on a stick, a desk, a dog’s nose, or a toilet brush that they think has teeth stuck in it, they must go to the closest dentist. Don’t waste the time and money of your patients by seeking help from untrained people who lack specialized training. More dentists should be trained to detect toothpicks in food. More money should be spent in programs for the education and training of Gilbert AZ Orthodontist dentists.            

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