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Tips for Spinning at Home – Until Your Studio Reopens

Indoor cycling, sometimes referred to as spinning, is pretty popular right now. Indoor cycling is a high intensity, low impact form of exercise that provides a good workout under environmentally controlled conditions. Some people take classes at local studios while others ride stationary bikes at home.

If you are among the cyclists who take classes, the last few months have probably been challenging for you. Your studio being closed not only prevents you from enjoying the social aspects of working out, it is also making it harder for you to stick to your routine. But there is hope. Below are some tips for spinning at home as you wait for your studio to reopen, compliments of Salt Lake City’s Mcycle Studios.

1. Schedule Your Own Classes

For a lot of people, the biggest challenge has been to stay with it. They relied on the regimen of regularly scheduled classes to keep them on track. But with their studios closed, the regimented cycling classes are out the window. So what do you do? Schedule your own classes at home.

What would have been your regular schedule had your studio stayed open? If you would have taken a class three days a week right after work, schedule your workouts at home on the same days and at the exact same times. Then go to your workout room the same way you would have gone to the studio.

2. Make Sure Your Bike Set-Up Is Right

It is possible to continue spinning at home and still not get the full benefit of exercise. It can happen when your bike is not properly adjusted. At the studio, your instructor helped you set up your bike. At home, you have to do it yourself. No worries, though. There are plenty of online videos and written guides that show you how to do it.

The main things to pay attention to are seat position and height, handlebar position and height, and resistance. These three factors are the most influential in how much benefit you will derive from indoor cycling.

3. Install a Full-Length Mirror

If you can, it might be helpful to install a full-length mirror in your workout room. Why do that? So you can take notice of your form and posture as you ride. Just install the mirror in such a position that you can see yourself on the bike clearly. Then pay attention to what you are doing. Remember that your spine should be in a neutral position and your shoulders relaxed.

4. Utilize Online Resources

A great way to get the benefits of a cycling class without actually being in the studio is to utilize online resources. Your local studio might even offer online classes accessed via your laptop or mobile device. And if not, you can find all sorts of cycling class videos on YouTube and other video sites.

If your bike is equipped with the right technology, you might be able to download a cycling app that will simulate real-life rides. The app lets you view a ride on your screen while it simultaneously adjusts your bike to accommodate different intensities and speeds.

It is probably a safe bet that you are anxious to get back to the studio and your regular cycling classes. That day will eventually come. Until then, you can still ride at home and derive the benefits for doing so. Hopefully the tips presented in this post will get you pointed in the right direction. Just remember this: cycling at home will be whatever you make it. So make it good.

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