What are the most frequent smells and what are the consequences?

Among the common causes, humidity is probably the main factor in the development of bad odors. Indeed, it produces a “musty” odor caused by the development of mold that may, over time, alter your fur. It is a powerful odor that occurs when your fur is not sufficiently ventilated and is confined and stored in a closed, unventilated area. Whether short haired or long haired , the risk of moisture affects all qualities of fur. However, the longer the bristles, the denser the material, and the greater the risk.

Another cause of bad odors is dust. Deposited over time, dust particles eventually generate an unpleasant and persistent odor. Some strong smells are also difficult to bear; these are body odors such as perspiration or tobacco odors. Finally, perfume that has faded or is “old” can leave a marked odor. It is even more disagreeable when that scent is not yours. We recommend that you never spray perfume directly on your fur as this could be very damaging.

There are, of course, other unpleasant smells, but we have listed the main ones. In any case, the remedies that we suggest below will be suitable in all cases and can even serve as preventive treatment.

How to eradicate these bad smells?

We have selected two simple and inexpensive natural products that will help you get rid of bad smells. The most effective, which is safe and free from detergents, is baking soda. This powder will do wonders to destroy bad odors. Inner side if the lining smells bad or on the outside if it is the hairs of your fur that are smelly, lay your fur flat, sprinkle plenty of dust, make it lightly penetrate, and let the baking soda act overnight. In the morning, dust vigorously to remove residue and bad odors will be gone. If the odors still persist a little, repeat the operation.

You can also use coffee grounds. Place a bag at the bottom of the pocket of the garment that you have previously placed in a vinyl bag and that you have hung. Make sure that the scent of the coffee grounds is impregnated on the garment, to do this, just open the bag or sachet that contains it. Then remove the product and ventilate the garment. Repeat the operation as long as the odors persist.

What to do next ?

Once the odors are gone, definitely adopt good habits. The golden rule when you have a fur is to store it in a cotton cover, do not put it in a plastic cover. In your wardrobe, leave space between your clothes and your fur so that the air circulates. Do not crush the hairs and use hangers with a wide tip for the shoulders. From time to time take your fur out of its cover and shake it to ventilate it and restore its loft. 

Remember to change the liner if it is stained or damaged. A new lining will give new life to your fur. You can stay classic by choosing a classic silk or satin lining  or opt for a lining with original or very colorful patterns. Finally, and if you can, have your fur “kept” by a professional who will have the ideal equipment to keep and protect your fur from the cold. It is by far the ideal solution to spend the hot season in complete safety.

Likewise, your “fur and leather” cleaning specialist also remains your best ally because he will carry out a deep cleaning, essential once a year. Your fur is a precious commodity and to continue to appreciate it for many years to come, these few things will help you. Anyways, as you may have heard, aria-moda.com might make a good replacement for your outdated coat.

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