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The 6 best record stores in Paris

The capital celebrates the comeback of the LP on the occasion of Disquiet Day. Next April 13, independent record stores will celebrate 33-turns, where a few years ago we predicted the supremacy of all digital. The musician Arnaud Rebotini is the godfather of this 9th edition which discovers a bright future.

Who would have thought a decade ago that the vinyl record would make such a return to Paris? And those independent record stores in the capital, so far in “survival mode”, see their shop flourish in such a way?

Beyond the product that we could believe to be “vintage” or nostalgic, we realize – figures to support – that the microgroove now appeals to a young audience. Fnac Darty is even considering the creation of a 100% vinyl store in Paris. In five years, the small vinyl market has multiplied by five in France, both in value, with 48 million euros, and in volume, with 3.9 million records sold. This is why the 9 th edition of the Record Store Day, a day organized by independent record stores (on the American model of the Record Store Day), takes advantage of this renewed momentum to highlight a selection of 33-turn records pressed for the occasion.

Given for dead after countless technological transitions, the vinyl format reappeared when new generations realized that CDs and digital music tended to impoverish the sound of music. In the era of dematerialization, too much purity and the coldness of the MP3 format are currently pushing amateurs to rediscover the disc object.

“This is a funny paradox”. Thus, the 33-tower stores gradually took over the place they occupied thirty years ago. “This is a funny paradox, analyzes Thomas Changeur, record store of the Balades Sonores boutique. We see as many young people entering our shop as quadras-quinquas attracted by the vinyl record. It must be said that the object is magic. Technologically, we realize that it best restores the quality of music. The sound of vinyl is deeper, warmer. It also makes it possible to tell the story of an artist in a more obvious way. The 15-25 year olds find the gestures and the ceremonial which precede listening to a 33-lap. ”

Without forgetting that the microgroove, this historic medium, is arousing more and more lust in the auction rooms. We still remember the first record sale organized by Radio France in 2017 in Paris, had achieved considerable success. The 8000 references put up for auction had often reached stratospheric sums. The 424 lots had brought back the pretty sum of 150,000 euros, 50% more than the high estimate of experts.

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