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Raise Funds By Selling Eco-Friendly Products and Arranging Events for Social Awareness

When your kids start attending school, you should be mentally prepared for fundraising assignments from schools. Fundraisers help in getting money for school through various programs. These funds help schoolchildren and staff to obtain resources for a better year. Not only school but many people love to raise funds for a social cause. You will find many people including children selling goods or providing services to raise cash for a social cause or school. 

However, these fundraising events cannot be held, if the product sold is harmful to the environment. Thus, your product should be eco-friendly and for good cause. Here are a list of events and products that help raise funds –

Reusable bags

Reusable bags help in reducing to use of plastic bags. Plastic is harmful to the environment as it takes 1000 years to decay plastic bags. Thus, all these bags that are thrown in trash land in landfills. However, good quality reusable bags last to six years. These reusable bags can be customized and made according to the customer’s favour. If the bag is fancy, stylish, colourful, durable and handy, people use it every time. 

 Custom Grocery Bags is a manufacturing company that produces eco-friendly reusable bags. They can be customized in various shapes, sizes, colours as long as you can afford it. Their price is also reasonable and they don’t deal with any middlemen, but directly with the client. This saves money for both client and manufacturer. Their motive is to minimize the use of plastic by promoting reusable bags. 

Trees and organic seeds

Planting trees is the best way of saving the earth and raising funds. You can prepare tree gift cards which can be sold to many companies. Each gift card assures a tree planted. Selling organic seeds or seed papers is also a way of saving the earth and raising funds. You can prepare an invitation card from seed papers and invite people for planting trees. 

Energy-saving products 

Energy-saving products like LED lights, fluorescent light bulbs, power strips, etc. are the best way of raising funds. A tremendous rise in demand has been seen in markets for such products. 

Events and activities

Various events like Earth Day, Cleaning Day and activities like rubber duck race, collecting cans and bottles form neighbourhoods are some of the events and activities that provide a healthy society. You not only raise funds but also help in cleaning our society. It is also another way of providing a hygienic place for people to stay. 

Funds can be raised in different ways. Some kids or adults form a group and spread out in a neighborhood for collecting funds. The best way to raise a fund is to announce in the neighborhood that you’re organizing a lunch, or sale at your place or yard. You can collect consumer goods that are no longer of any purpose to companies and sell them in half price to customers. 

If you’re raising funds, you’re doing a good deed for the society. You’re not only collecting funds, but spreading awareness, eco-friendly products, and services to people. It is a smart way of promoting and gaining publicity. 

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